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Light from Old Paths

A series of talks entitled Light From Old Paths

Light From Old Paths
"Ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it" Jeremiah 6:16

“There are subjects about which it is well to look behind us. There are matters in which a knowledge of the past may teach us wisdom for the present and the future. The history of religion is pre-eminently such a subject matter. Steam, electricity, railways, and gas, have made a wonderful difference in the temporal condition of mankind in the last two hundred years. But all this time the Bible and the hearts of men have remained unaltered. That which men did and thought in religious matters two hundred years ago, they are capable of doing and thinking again. What they thought and did in the seventeenth century it is now well known.

And just as there are subjects about which it is wise to look behind us, so also there are times long gone by which deserve our special attention. There are times when the character of a nation receives an indelible impression from events which take place in a single generation. There have been times when the dearest privileges of a people have been brought to the birth, and called into vigorous existence, through the desperate agony of civil war and religious strife" So wrote Bishop J.C. Ryle in 1890 in a book called "Light From Old Times." Ryle, was of course referring to the Civil War and the clash between the Puritans and the king. The Old Meeting had its roots during this time and the planned talks will hopefully help us to better understand a group called the "Puritans."