Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

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A Brief History of The Old Meeting House Congregational Church

Our story so far

by John E L Clements

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How To Get What Money Can't Buy: Personal Peace and Happiness In A World Of Unrest

Everyone, whether -- rich or poor -- seeks personal peace and happiness. But international reports indicate, stress and anxiety are rising to unprecedented levels as our world lurches dementedly from one crisis to next. Many people, expend massive amounts of energy and cash, yet still fail to find the peace and happiness they crave. They need look no further! In this inspirational little book, John Clements, shows how personal peace and happiness can be located – even in this sad and frenzied world. And the price of that much desired treasure? It’s totally free!

Book published by our minister Dr. John Clements 

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Articles about the Puritans

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