Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

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Old Meeting Covenant, 1643

On June 28th. 1643, William Bridge and the co‑founders of the church entered into the following covenant which is the foundation of the Old Meeting fellowship:

 "We, being desirous in the fear of God, to worship and serve Him according to His revealed will, do freely, solemnly, and jointly covenant with the Lord, in the presence of His saints and angels.

 "That we will forever acknowledge and avouch God for our God in Jesus Christ.

 "That we will always endeavor through the Grace of God assisting us, to walk in all His ways and ordinances, according to His written Word, which is the only sufficient rule of good life for every man, neither will we suffer ourselves to be polluted in any sinful ways, either public or private, but abstain from the very appearance of evil, giving no offence to the Jew or Gentile, or Churches of Christ.

 "That we will all love, improve our communion as brethren, by watching over one another, and as need be, counsel, admonish, reprove, comfort, relieve, assist, and bear with one another, humbly submitting ourselves to the government of Christ in His churches.

 "Lastly, we do not promise these things in our own, but in Christ’s strength; neither do we confine ourselves to the words of this Covenant, but shall at all times account it our duty to embrace any further light on truth, which shall be revealed to us out of God's Word."