Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

The Best Hidden Church in Norwich

Sing on Saturday

Well, now YOU can! Every third Saturday of the month at 3pm at the Old Meeting House Congregational Church in Colegate, Norwich. Easy parking in The Golden Dog car park next to the chapel. (click here for further directions).

It is a proven psychological fact that singing can be the best medicine that you can take as it releases “happiness” hormones. Why do birds always sing? Because it is quite impossible to sing and be miserable at the same time!

But what is the best thing to sing you may ask? It may surprise you to hear that singing traditional hymns ranks highest in any popularity table. Hymns based on eternal truth fill your mind with positive thoughts and can inspire and encourage you during those difficult times in your life. It can be the best tonic you ever take to relieve stress! It is also a strange fact that the old hymns tend to be easier to sing than many modern ones and many find them uplifting. Weekends can tend to be long and lonely, so here’s a great new opportunity to meet other people and add some joy into your life. Please stay on afterwards for refreshments.

But, I’ve been keeping the best news until last – the ancient atmosphere of the oldest chapel in Norwich, which was built in 1693, is amazing!  So why not give it a try? We would love to see you.


"I find hymn singing is such a spiritually uplifting activity.” TONY ……

"Singing hymns with lots of other people gives me a buzz.” VIV  ……

I find the words of the old hymns come back to me during the day and inspire me.”  JULIAN  ……

I just love singing traditional hymns.” ALICE ……

Hymn singing takes my cares away.” MARION  ……

The acoustics in the old chapel are wonderful.”  BRIAN

Sing On Saturday

If you love to sing the old traditional hymns from hymn books then you will love Sing on Saturday.

We would love to see you!