Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

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Andrew Reed

Charge given to Rev Andrew Reed on 2nd March 1841

This was given by his father at the Old Meeting House Congregational Church when his son became the pastor. He served as pastor for 15 years. I only read this and there were a few difficult words but I think it will inspire pastors. I certainly found it very helpful. I was given a book that was published in Norwich in 1841 that contained the induction of Rev Andrew Reed. To read the full transcript of the charge please click here.

Sermon preached at Old Meeting House Congregational Church on 2nd March 1841 by Rev J H Goodwin

Dr John Clements reads the sermon which was the charge given to the congregation when Pastor Andrew Reed was inducted as pastor to the chapel. The .Rev J H Goodwin was pastor at the chapel between 1837 - 1839. The sermon was based on Eph 4, verse 1. It calls us to walk worthy of the vocation to which we have been called.