Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

The Best Hidden Church in Norwich


There can be no revival of Christianity in England until there be a rewawakening among Christian people themselves. We Christian people are not presenting to the world a way of life which is sufficiently distinctive and attractive. The question asked by Jesus may still have point: “What do you more than others? “

The acid test of Christianity today is not my attendance at church, nor my saying of prayers, nor even my willingness to help others in need, but the inner quality of my life. A Christian who is touchy, easily offended, sharp tongued, resentful, is simply denying the faith he professes.

Any Christian who has enmity in his heart against a single other person should cease to describe themselves as a Christian until the enmity be replaced by love. “By this shall they know that you are my disciples, “said Jesus, “that you have love one toward another. “

When we are careless in how we speak of another’s reputation, when we are indifferent to the sufferings of those we meet, when we are censorious and carping in our judgements, we are denying love its place in our hearts. A far higher quality of life is demanded from the followers of Christ than can be attained by self - effort. To live His quality of life, I need His wisdom and His power. He can live His life only when His spirit rules and reigns within.

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