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My life is special...I and my world are part of each other...I and all life are united in a bond of understanding. I have a job to do.

As a pastor I am constantly being amazed that so many people find it hard to consider themselves as special. So, this week I am sharing some thoughts which I am praying might help you in this respect. In Genesis chapter 1 and verse 27 it reads: “So, God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them.” Did God ever create anything badly? Again, in Ephesians chapter 2 and verse 10, it says: -- “For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Fear not I am not going to launch into a sermon but please look at what the Bible says about you. Why did God allow His Son, Jesus, to die for you, if He did not think you were special? Why not try to think the following thoughts? –

I’m special. In all the world there’s nobody like me. Since the beginning of time, there has never been another person like me. Nobody has my smile. Nobody has my nose, eyes, hair or voice. I’m special.

No one can be found who has my handwriting. Nobody has my taste – for food or music or art. No one sees things just the way I do. In all of time there’s been no one who laughs like me, no one who cries like me. And what makes me laugh and cry will never provoke identical laughter and tears from anybody else, ever.

No one reacts to any situation just as I would react. I’m the only one in creation who has my set of abilities. O, there will always be someone who is better at things I am good at, but no one in the universe can reach the quality of my combination of talents, ideas, abilities and feelings. Like a room full of musical instruments, some may excel alone, but none can match the symphony when all are played together. I’m a symphony.

I’m beginning to realise it’s no accident that I’m special. I’m beginning to see that God made me for a very special purpose. He must have a job for me that no one else can do as well as I. I am special.


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