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Spiritual Thermometers

We are just about to adjust our clocks to Winter Time, but I wonder if you have recently made any adjustment to your spiritual thermometer? Most of us have something which reveals to us our spiritual condition. In most cases it is some special weakness of failing which we have had to fight hard to overcome. One of the hardest things that I have battled with over the years is taking greater control over my weight – I guess that you may others with the same challenge. There are so many things that the world offers that can reduce our spiritual effectiveness. Over the years there have been times when I seemed to have gained more control over my appetite and I have felt fantastic BUT then temptation comes along unexpectedly, and I have discovered that I have fallen yet again. In nearly every case the cause of its recurrence is to do with a drop in my spiritual temperature to a level where the old temptation again can assert itself. Doctors tell us that if we keep our general health above a certain level, we are in a position to ward off automatically some of the more deadly bacteria that attack us. When the level falls these enemies seize their opportunity assert their presence. In the same way, when we allow our spiritual temperature to fall through slackness, loss of effective “quite times,” compromise on some vital issue or deliberate sin, we find that old temptations begin to creep back. The only cure is to face them again, confess them, surrender them, and commence once more the close walking with God, which is our only security and our only way of effective and triumphant living.


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