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Mind your motives

You might be interested to know that over 20 years ago for a short while I was asked to be an agony uncle for a newspaper in London. I had to try to answer all kinds of questions, never having met the questioners I had no idea if anyone ever took my advice.

These days as a Pastor sometimes people come to me seeking spiritual help like a lady who told me that “I feel dead inside,” were the words of a lady seeking spiritual help recently. All the forms and ceremonies of religion were faithfully performed. Prayers were said. Religious work was done, but behind it all was a sense of futility, as though she were looking on at herself playing a part, even if a worthy part, in life. Her spiritual life seemed unreal. It lacked any drive or zeal. She carried on, feeling that it was all a big burden. Yet she dared not let it down. Something in her made her go on. She wanted vitality, but somehow missed it. One result was that doubt began to lay hold on her mind. She questioned some of the fundamental beliefs of Christianity and again blamed herself for her doubts. The problem here was an un-examined self. There had been not stern facing of motive. Much of the religious work was done from selfish motives and not out of love for either God or men. Her allegiance had never been faced to the uttermost. Self and God were constantly at war for first place in her life. She had never made up her mind “once and for all” to let Jesus be her only Master. The knowledge that we have cut our moorings and are out on the great adventure for God, for better or for worse, is the only cure for deadness and doubt that arise from mixed motives and an unresolved conflict. We have to step over the line – and trust.


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