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Looking From The Wrong Side of the Hedge!


Sometimes when we are trying to figure something out we come to the wrong conclusion as we interpret situations from the wrong perspective. There is something bazar about human beings – I do know as I have been one for rather a long time! You are given a message that your boss wants to see you. How many of us would immediately think “Oh, dear, I wonder what I have done wrong?” When the truth is he merely wants to complement you on your work. It is so easy to see the negative side, after all everyone else does it. Well, why don’t you ask God to help you to become a “good-finder”. God hedges in His own that He may preserve them, but oftentimes we only see the wrong side of the hedge, 

and so misunderstand His dealings. The story of Job is a good example of this (Job 3:23). Ah, but Satan knew the value of that hedge! See his testimony in chapter 1 verse 10. Through the leaves of every trial there chinks of light to shine through. Thorns do not prick you unless you lean against them, and not one touches you without God knowing. The words that hurt you, the letter which gave you pain, the cruel wound of your dearest friend, shortness of money – are all known to God, who sympathises as none else can and watches to see, if, through all, you will dare to trust Him more completely. I found this Bible verse very helpful “Reckon it nothing but joy…whenever you find yourself hedged in by the various trials, be assured that the testing of your faith leads to power of endurance. (James chapter 1, verses 2-3).


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