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Compromise - the sign of the times

Our minds have a strange capacity for adjusting themselves to unpleasant facts. I understand that during the First World War men lived in water-filled trenches, standing at times up to their waits in mud and sleeping in wet clothes, yet they managed somehow to survive. Their minds became adjusted to the seemingly impossible.

It is the same with inner facts of our experience. We may find some unfortunate habit getting a hold on our lives. We begin to be critical, bitter, jealous or afraid. At first, we may realise the harm of having such thoughts or feelings, but gradually, unless we are careful, we find ourselves making excuses for these unwelcome thoughts and sooner or later we fail altogether to realise that they are wrong. We give them place in our lives and adjust ourselves to them. That is the serious element in the situation.

We can keep up the forms of religion, go to church, say our prayers and yet never come to grips with the evil thig that has been allowed a place in our lives. If challenged, we may even conscientiously deny the presence of any harmful thing. To get at the sin in our lives which is keeping us from God or from spiritual vitality most of us need help. There can be no peace until we have faced and destroyed every known evil thing within our hearts.

Let’s remember the words from Scripture, “Cleanse me, O God, from secret faults.”


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