Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

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So many of us these days are so busy that even with 24 hours in a day we still can’t find enough time to get everything done. We live in an age of “doing” and have lost the art of just “being”.  I am so thankful, but not always at the time, that my plans don’t always work out as I expect or I’ve been ill and been forced to stop and have a rest.

There is no music in “rest”, but there is the making of music in it.

In our whole life melody, the music is broken off here and there by “rests” and we foolishly think we have come to the end of the tune. God sends time forced leisure in the form of sickness, disappointments and frustrated efforts that make a sudden pause in the choral hymn of our lives, and we lament that our voice must be silent and our part missing in the music which ever goes up to the ear of the Creator.

How does the musician read the rest? See him beat the time with unvarying count and catch up the next note true and steady as if no breaking place had come in between.

Not without design does God write the music of our lives – But be it ours to learn the time and not be dismayed at the “rests.” They are not to be slurred over nor to be omitted, nor to destroy the melody, nor to change the keynote.

If we look up, God, Himself will beat the time for us. With the eye on Him, we shall strike the next note full and clear


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