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Can you be quiet?

Many people come to the Norfolk Broads to find peace and tranquillity. I recently was told a story about a family from London who chose to have a holiday on the Broads. All went well on the Saturday when they arrived at the boatyard to collect their boat for the week. However, the boatyard owner was woken early Sunday morning by someone banging at his front door. It was the family who the day before hired one of his boats for the week. “Please, can I return the boat now?” He pleaded with the boat-owner. “We just can’t bear the silence.”

Life in 2018 is full of noise and one of the most challenging things to do is to be still and quiet. I have met quite a number of people who find it difficult to be still before God. Even if they are relaxed physically – a requirement which anyone can learn – they find their minds racing round a hundred things. This mind-wandering is very disturbing for many eager souls who would serve God with a quiet mind but find they cannot. There are ways however in which we may aid our minds to attain stillness. One good way is to read a portion of Scripture, like Psalms 23, 62, 91, or the 14th chapter of St John’s Gospel. Then quietly say some such prayer as the following: “God is now flooding my life with His peace. Every fret and care is going before the tide of His peace. I am at rest in Him.” Hold that thought for a few moments steadily and you will find it much easier to realise His presence with you. Then begin to lay before Him the needs of the day, assuring yourself that He will provide all the courage, strength, wisdom and patience you will require. As the day goes on, if you find yourself getting troubled, remind yourself that His peace is ever flowing around you and within. You may be engaged on a thousand thronging duties, but you will retain your poise and your inner peace. Let’s remember the verse from the Bible which says, “Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You.”

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