Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

The Best Hidden Church in Norwich

It's not the easy way

Most of us at our noblest moments in life dream that we would like to do something big for God during our lives. We want the personal assurance and satisfaction of having been on a high experience with God. It would be a thrilling experience to remember. Accordingly, we are always looking for the big adventure, expecting that soon the opportunity will arrive. We keep peering into the future, and even begin picturing to ourselves the kind of situations that might arise and how we propose to deal with them. But, sadly they never come. God does not seem to want our co-operation. We become despondent and stop looking for the big event. We may even stop praying or hoping. What’s wrong? All that is wrong is that our eyes are out of focus. I had been wearing my old glasses for over three years and I had not realised that I needed them changed but when I did, I immediately noticed clearer vision. The big thing God is asking us to do begins with the little things right before our eyes. If I want to co-operate with God in some high enterprise my first step is to be very understanding and helpful to that awkward person who is so hard to bear. I have to tackle this bit of drudgery with good heart. I have to cast out the seeds of pride from my heart because only humble people can do big things for God. God chooses His helpers in the big things from those who manage the little things well. If I want the joy of co-operating with God in big things I have to ask Him to show me what is the first tiny thing He wants me to do. The second step will depend on how I do the first one.


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