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Finding Happiness


To be contented every day and to be confident that in its unfolding hour’s lies happiness seems, at first, and impossible goal. There is a story of old John Tauler (1300 – 1361), he was a German Dominican monk and one of the greatest mystics and preachers of the Middle Ages – which proves its possibility. One day, meeting a beggar, he said, “God give you a good day, my friend.” “I thank God I never had a bad day,” said the beggar. “God give you a happy life, my friend,” said John, already a little astonished by the answer of the man in rags. “I thank God, I am never unhappy,” was the quick reply. “When it is fine I thank God, when it rains I thank God, when I have plenty I thank God, and since God’s will is my will, and whatever pleases Him, pleases me, why should I say I am unhappy when I am not?” The saint of Strasbourg was still more astonished at the man whose face shone as he stood triumphant in spite of his tatters. “Who are you?” said Tauler. “I am a king,” said the beggar. “A king!? Whence is your kingdom?” The answer came quickly – “In my heart…in my heart.”


“The kingdom of God is within you,” said Jesus, and saying this, called you to share in ruling the Kingdom. Men may see you as a beggar, but God sees you as a prince!


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