Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

The Best Hidden Church in Norwich

A great exchange

Which would you prefer? To be driven or to be drawn? One of the primary motives driving us to God is our need. We find life becoming too much for us. Circumstances without or temptations within become intolerable. Many of us in our pride have said, “If I do not go to Him in health I will not cry to Him in sickness; if I did not seek Him in prosperity I refuse to crave His help in adversity.” This is quite a mistaken view of things. In the long run it our need, frailty and helplessness that brings us to Him. He had made us so. Did ever a true mother shut her door against a repentant returning child? Is God less than a mother? When we come in our need to Him with nothing to offer but the very helplessness of our hearts, He receives us and lifts us up to Him, not for what He can give to us, but for the love we feel in our hearts for Him. This is the sign of a growing and maturing spiritual experience. Disinterested devotion to Him for His own sake is the goal we set ourselves. Even if He should ask us to take the hard way, the lonely way, the suffering way, we still want to give Him our love. When we can touch this height we have really learned the secret of victorious living. Even if we do not always reach that point we can offer Him our willingness to give our best. We can press toward the mark. He can always tell when we really love Him.

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