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Norwich's Unsung Hero

It seems to me that these days most people are quick to find fault with just about everything and everyone. A major victim of this culture is the Church of England. All denominations have their challenges and the C of E certainly is not short of them but I was blown away a while ago as I thumbed through an old book and came across a name which I had never heard of before. What caught my interest more than anything else was that this person came from Norwich.

Have you ever heard of Dr Goulburn? He was the Dean of Norwich Cathedral in 1866 and from my research he was a most remarkable man of God. Yes, there are some in the C of E. He wrote many books but for now I would just like to share a quote which I found inspiring and I hope it will also inspire you.

“Cannot the same wonders be done now as of old? Where is the God of Elijah. He is waiting for Elijah to call on Him.”

The greatest saints whoever lived, whether under the Old of New Dispensations, are on a level which is quite within our reach. The same forces of the spiritual world which were at their command, and the exertion of which made them such spiritual heroes, are also open to us. If we had the same faith, the same hope, the same love which they exhibited, we would achieve marvels as great as those which they achieved. A word of prayer in our mouths would be as potent to call down the gracious dews and melting fires of God’s Spirit, as it was in Elijah’s mouth to call down literal rain and fire, if we could only speak the word with that full assurance of faith wherewith he said it.

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