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Jesus Christ - a person not a power

Jesus Christ is not a power, but a person. Christianity is not a power we can discover and apply as we choose to the many and varied problems of everyday problems of modern life. It is submission to another Person who becomes Leader and Lord of our lives. It is His power that flows into our lives, but it can only be used in His way and under the direction of the Holy Spirit. In Christianity lies the mightiest force known to mankind but it cannot be regarded as a material force, a thing we can use or abuse as we will. It will operate only when under direct control of the spirit of God. In other words, there is no such thing as “power” as we generally understand it. The power is personalised. When, therefore, we talk about the power of God we have to be careful to remember that we are talking about the Person of Jesus Christ. We do not get spiritual power without the spiritual personality, and the reason is that the power becomes dynamic only as we realise the personality. That is why the people of greatest spiritual power have been the people most conscious of the presence of Jesus Christ with them. If we would have the power of Christ at work in and through our lives, we must first surrender to the Person. When He comes into our lives He becomes power to save to the uttermost.


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