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Hope Community Trust India

The Old Meeting House Congregational Church is pleased and proud to support the charity work of the Hope Community Trust India.

Let us explain more in a little detail;

Pastor Zion Samuel is director of Hope Community Trust India, with his wife Nicky (Smith) Samuel.

Their work is to minister to churches in Andhra Pradesh, in the south of India. Pastor Samuel bought some land for a campus site in 2007 and has established a Bible School, children's home and public school to support and train local people. He has twelve churches in some of the poorest areas in rural India. The children's home now has 40-50 children living on the campus and attending the school along with local children who are day students.

Surrounding the campus site in Kuntinivasala are approximately 300+ villages that have never heard the name of Jesus. Pastor Samuel’s vision is to evangelise such areas and establish churches in these rural villages.

In the last 17 years the ministry has grown and developed and reaches out to the surrounding area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Hope Community Trust India is a fully registered charitable organisation in India and complies with all the government demands. However, they face continuing challenges from the Hindu Nationalist authorities. Corruption within all government departments is a real challenge. 

Over the years they have faced many challenges from the Hindu nationalists but have sought to always keep a low profile and avoid any unnecessary confrontation. It is however becoming increasingly difficult for Christian organisations to function without facing huge problems with officials from banks through to education and child welfare departments and even police seeking any and all opportunities to demand money.

Please pray for Hope Community Trust India so that they can quietly continue with the work unhindered under very difficult circumstances.

Please read more about their work at and if you would like to make a donation to HCT India, to support the building programme, the children's home, school or bible school, please contact Hope Community Trust at

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