Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

The Best Hidden Church in Norwich

General Gordon of Khartoum

The famous British general, Charles George Gordon, who died under such tragic circumstances in Khartoum, never allowed anything to hinder his morning hours alone with God. During his journey in the Sudan, for one hour each day there lay outside his tent a white hanky-chief. The entire camp knew the significance of that small token, and it was secretly respected by every man, whatever his colour or creed. No message, however pressing, was carried in. Whatever the message was, whether of life or death, it had to remain until the guardian signal was removed. Everyone knew that General Gordon was alone with God.

That white handkerchief was the secret of his saintly, fearless, unselfish life. He was a man who lived in close communion with God. Without prayer you will be weak as water in the presence of temptation; but by prayer you will become bold as a lion, and “the young lion and the Dragon shout thou trample under feet.”

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