Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

The Best Hidden Church in Norwich

Nothing will ever be done at all if I wait until I can do it so well that no one can find fault with it.

Henry Ford, poor and uneducated dreamed of a horseless carriage went to work with the tools he possessed, without waiting for the opportunity to favour him. Now the evidence of his dream is evidenced all over the world!

Thomas Edison, you may recall, dreamed of a lamp that could be operated by electricity. He began where he stood. Despite more than 10,000 failures he stood by his dream and did not give up.

Marconi dreamed of a system of harnessing the intangible forces of the ether. Evidence that he did not dream in vain is found in every radio and television in the world.

The oak sleeps in the acorn. The bird waits in the egg. In the highest vision of each soul a potential saint awaits the opportunity to be born.

During 2018 we at the Old Meeting are praying that God will not only bring us breakthroughs in our fellowship but will make us better able to reach out to you. Lots of people these days seem to think that there is an ideal moment to start. The truth is that the best moment to start is right now. You might remember the Bible story when Moses asked God about His name. God told him that His name is “I AM” past is over, the future has not yet arrived, the only time to live is NOW, in the present.

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