Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

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Tust Him Utterly

Have you ever undertaken some high adventure for God, flung yourself recklessly into it, and then in a few months grown tired and weary and given up? Sadly, many of us have had such an experience. What was wrong? Was the original impulse at fault? Not necessarily. When we are called by God to undertake some new task or adventure for Him, God has two things that He wants us to think about. First, He wants the task completed but He also wants us by doing it to train us to lean on Him more. In every duty undertaken for Him, we always come to a point where our own strength or patience gives out, we think then that God has forsaken us, whereas God meant us to get there in order that we might learn how to leave our burden with Him or receive from Him the strength we need to carry it. No matter where you are or how difficult the circumstances of your life, you are never allowed by God to remain in your impossible position. He either lifts you out of that situation or He gives you the strength you need to face it courageously. Through every difficulty that confronts you He is teaching you to trust Him more and more. We are never really safe and confident until we have learned how to cast our care upon Him who cares for us. When we can put this into practice we are able to confidently say - “Through Christ who strengthens me I am ready for anything.”


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