Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

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The Cross

Just after the end of the First World War when nearly every family in the country lost a relative in the great conflict, a memorial cross was erected in almost every village. When villages expand into towns or cities as the population increases we like to have that symbol at the heart of our teeming modern life. Much nearer the heart, lots of men and women wear a gold or silver cross as part of their jewellery. The symbol of the cross has been in a strange way the inspiring centre of the world’s life for two thousand years. What gives it its significance? What message does it convey? No one has been able adequately to answer these questions. The ultimate meaning of the Cross is hid in the heart of God. From time to time we catch new light upon it. There are three facts about it worth pondering. Firstly it places a new value on the worth of each individual. There is something in your life and mine which justified that sacrifice. We cannot see it, but we know that there is no sacrifice God will refuse to make to win our commitment and love. Secondly, the Cross shows a new way to power – the way of sacrifice. Men and nations are scrambling for power. But the greatest power ever released in the world came through the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross. Dare we take that road to power today? Thirdly, the Cross reveals the nature of sin. We can be so blinded by our prejudices and our fears that we can take God’s holiest gift and destroy it as an evil thing. Every time we sin we re-enact in time the eternal tragedy of the Cross. Every value is changed in the light of the Cross. Every individual life is tested as it stands reverently before it.


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