Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

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Back in 1966 I was serving an apprenticeship in a bookshop in Diss. I can remember my manager asking me to do a window display of a book about  who was the first man single handily to circumnavigate the world via the great Capes in a yacht called Gipsy Moth. He managed to achieve this in just 226 days! I wondered just how long it would take me to complete the window display as I had never done one before!

Single-handly he fulfilled his ambition, navigating the globe and facing up to Cape Horn’s treacherous seas. On his return his wife Lady Chichester was asked: “Weren’t you worried during his long absence and the known dangers he would have to face?”

This was her reply:

“It may sound inhumane, but I never really had a sleepless night. I think this is because I am a believer in the great spiritual forces…I am not trying to say that prayer alone helps you, but the spiritual side in any venture is of immense importance. In a way, it is far more so that the material side…Always I have believed firmly in the power of prayer. It is a great output of strength. Few people realise that they have got such strength. It takes time to learn to control the power of prayer, but once you have faith, the power is there…He has been surrounded by a protective envelope of power.”


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