Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

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Let Lazarus live

In John chapter 11 we find the account of how Jesus arrived 4 days after His friend Lazarus had died and had been buried. In the hot climate of Israel a body would have started to decay after that time. Why had Jesus waited for so long before He came to His friend? Lots of things just don't make sense do they? Have you heard the song "nothing is over till the fat lady sings the blues"? Well, this is certainly true with Jesus who over and over again overcame the impossible. In this story in John, Jesus calls for Lazarus to come out of his grave. To the utter astonishment to the onlookers Lazarus staggers out of the grave wrapped in grave clothes. Jesus then tells the onlookers to take the grave clothes off Lazarus so that he is free to live.

Over the years of working as a Christian counselor I have found many people and situations bound by all kinds of grave  clothes and been written off as impossible. Yet God has resurrection power. He has the power to overcome death. He has the power to change impossible circumstances. Here at the Old Meeting House we are waiting for God to take off the grave clothes which have been hindering the work of this chapel. We believe that He will perform a miracle and restore the ministry of this ancient chapel. We also believe that He will work a miracle in your life and we would love to her from you.



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