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I let go, and let God


Challenges seem to come out of nowhere sometimes. The other week out of the blue my low mileage car broke down but not before I had been able to get home. However, the garage had some bad news for me – the repair would cost more then the car was worth and advised to scrap it. The thought “Heck how on earth can I replace it?” flashed through my mind but I was reminded of verse from Romans chapter 8 verse 28 which says that ALL thing work together for good for those who love the Lord. So, I was able to let go and let God…

Today “I let go and let God” take charge of this life of mine and my circumstances. Now in the dark corners of my soul His light is beginning to shine.

All the cares and worries I’ve carried around for so long…He’s lifted them from my shoulders and filled my heart with His song.

Problems that were overwhelming suddenly seem so small…and come what may, starting today, I know I can handle them all.

If you are troubled, “Let go, and let God” take charge of your life for you…and however dark life’s shadows may seem, His light will come shining through!


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