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how to change the dna of your soul

Several years ago I was diagnosed as having  type 2 diabetes. I was ordered by my doctor to give up eating some of my favourite foods, rich chocolate cake, apple crumble and thick creamy custard, Cornish ice-cream or face some of the dire consequences of the disease getting worse. I was forced into re-evaluating my eating habits and learning about healthy nutrition and the benefits of eating vegetables instead of plate loads of chips. The change was not easy and from time to time I backslide into some of my old habits but the whole experience has opened my eyes to failing to get the most out of life.

As a nation we are constantly reminded by the media of the escalating costs of running our national health system. We are living in God’s world but failing to eat God given natural healthy foods. Instead, most of us eat ready-made convenience meals, we love eating fish and chips, pies and chocolate. We refine our foods taking out many of the ingredients we need such as fibre.  Then we question why our health is failing!

But worse still, our modern world seems to be one dimensional. When we are hungry we tend to go to the fridge and have a little nibble hoping that this will make us feel better. Have you done that? Did it work?

No, of course it didn’t as we are trying to feed a part of us that really isn’t hungry. Say that again, John. We have been trained to have 3 good meals a day and conditioned into thinking that when he have hunger pains they are physical. 

Henry Scougal (1650 – 1678) a Scottish Divine wrote an amazing little book “.” It is recorded that after reading this book the life of George Whitefield (1714 – 1770) was dramatically changed and he became involved in the Great Awakening.

What do you know about your soul? How do you feed yours? One way highly recommended by the early Puritans was to immerse your life in reading the Bible. This is a sure-fire way to change the DNA of your soul.  


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