Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

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Have you found answers to the problems in your own life?


It’s becoming more and more popular these days for folk to go on a pilgrimage. The BBC has recently brought out a programme that brought together a group of 8 celebrities who travel together on an ancient pilgrim route that starts in Canterbury and ends up in Rome. The programme however starts in Switzerland and unlike ancient pilgrims our celebrities travel part-way by coach. However, whilst they are together they share their beliefs, some profess to have faith whilst several others have none. It seems to me that all of us are searching for something in today’s complex world.

Have you ever considered what is the maximum contribution you can make to the Kingdom of God during your life? Is it to become an eloquent exponent of the message of God contained in the Bible? Is it to show your interest by regular attendance at church? Is it to attend meetings and give yourself to help good causes? All these are valuable, but are they the highest? In a world which has lost faith in the practicability of Christianity, the biggest contribution you can make is first of all to demonstrate that through Christ you have found the answer to the problems in your own life. Unless Christ meets the needs in our own experience we cannot present His message as the answer to the difficulties in life of another. We must reveal Him as the Master of our own lives first. In the second place, we must demonstrate, His power to deal with the circumstances of our own daily lives. He has the answer for every problem in the domestic, business, political, and international life of the world. Can we demonstrate that He enables us to become master over our own circumstances? The only gospel which will meet with acceptance in the world today is a gospel which really works. It must show its power to help men and women to become more than conquerors. The call today is not primarily for fine speaking and earnest social service, but for a faith that will achieve otherwise impossible results in the ordinary fields of human activity.


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