Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

The Best Hidden Church in Norwich

Followed by angels

Sometime ago someone suggested to me that the “goodness” and “mercy” mentioned in Psalm 23 verse 6 were names given to angels. Since I heard that I have had many examples of seeing these angels following me around. Just this week I had booked a day return ticket in advance on the train to go to Nottingham. These tickets only allow you to travel at times previously booked however my business ended several hours earlier than I had booked and as it was pouring with rain I really wanted to travel on an earlier train. I enquired at the ticket office if this was possible and was told that if I payed extra they could change the ticket; however, it would have cost more than my original return ticket. I decided that I would go and have a quiet moment to pray over a coffee. After I had prayed I sensed that I should try and catch the next train but before boarding to ask the guard if I would be permitted to travel on the train. He not only agreed but found me a seat on a crowed train and I was not asked to pay any addition fare. I would like to think that God answered my prayer. Why not see what happens when you pray?



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