Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

The Best Hidden Church in Norwich


“ how long does it take to become a master on the violin? “What’s the question put to Kreisler. “A whole lifetime, “ was his immediate reply. If it takes so long to develop sensitiveness of touch on the violin, how long will it take to train ourselves to become sensitive to the touch of God upon our lives?

Many of us live as though we could get into touch with God’s life and power without training of any sort or even without forethought. Those who know something of the life of the soul with God are under no delusions. Before you become sensitive to the voice of God we have to learn how to “wait patiently for Him.“

At first, meditation is little better than a struggle with wandering thoughts, but if we persist we gradually become conscious of even longer periods when we are really in touch with God. No one can quite explain those moments. Those who experienced them are in no doubt about them.

Most of us will devise various methods of lifting our minds out of the noise and clamour of daily duties. We should read our Bibles, repeat well-known texts, say short prayers as preparation for the silence which follows. It is in the silence that we hear God’s voice most clearly. It is worth getting up early and spending much time with God to tune in to the higher harmony. To link our souls vitally with God is to be in touch with “unsearchable riches.

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