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Can’t is Not Part of Your Vocabulary


Recently, I discovered a rather amazing video about gymnast, Jennifer Bricker, and her incredible life achievements. So what’s most surprising and thus most impressive about her life is what might have curtailed her dream of being a champion gymnast: she was born without legs.

So how did Miss Bricker overcome her pretty significant natural obstacle? The love of her adoptive parents, and their one simple rule they required of her: never say the word, “can’t”.  Or, as she put it, “Can’t is not part of your vocabulary.” So what must she say, or live, instead? “I can”.

Here’s a video interview about her story. Whilst as far as I know Jennifer is not a Christian, yet she was able to overcome her difficulty by practicing positive thinking. Just think how unstoppable you can be if you add your Christian faith and the promises of God contained in the Bible to positive thinking.


“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me Philippians 4:13

Many of us find it hard to accept the word “ALL” in that verse but if we really believe it we can become unstoppable! That’s awesome!

Be like this amazing woman Jennifer Bricker and cut out fear and worry and “CAN’TS from your life and exchange them for “CANS.” When you do this your life will really make a difference. So what’s stopping you from starting right now?



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