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It Came To Pass, It Didn’t Come To Stay

Having been a teacher in my early life I developed “Magpie” habits. I still find it hard to throw things away just in case they might come in useful at some stage in the future. From time to time I look through some my old papers. I found this the other day which my late mother sent me to help me though a difficult time in my life and I hope it might help you.

When you feel cast down and despondently sad and you long to be happy and carefree and glad, do you ask yourself, as I often do, “Why must there be days that are cheerless and blue?” Why is the song silenced in my heart this day and then I ask God, “What makes life this way?” And His explanation makes everything clear, the soul has its seasons the same as the year, man, too must pass through life’s autumn of death and have his heart frozen by winter’s cold breath – but spring always comes with new life and birth followed by summer to warm the soft earth – and, oh, what a comfort to know there are reasons that souls, like nature, must too have their seasons, bounteous seasons and barren ones, too, times for rejoicing and times to be blue – for with nothing but sameness how dull life would be for only life’s challenge can set the soul free, and it takes a mixture of both bitter and sweet to season our lives and make them complete.

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