Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

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I found this poem by S.J. Burgoyne & E.G.Browne some time ago and every time I read it I find that it helps me to maintain a more positive mind-set which is rather difficult to do in a very negative world. I hope you find it helpful.


Have you stopped to think why some men are great
While other ones just stay small?
The big men think big and then they do big…
It’s just how you think that’s all.

If you think success, you’ll have success,
Provided you also do,
And follow your thoughts with the kind of work
That is going to make it true.

But you can’t get big by thinking small,
And you can only go as far
As your constant thoughts and daily deeds,
For just as you think…You are.

So watch your thoughts and make them fit,
Whenever you’d like to see,
For as you think you are bound to live,
So whatever you think…You’ll be!





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