Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

The Best Hidden Church in Norwich

God’s power tools

Do you enjoy an exciting life? When we commit our lives to God utterly we never know what is going to happen. We are born into a new world. We have to learn the laws of that world. The old laws won’t work. Many of us make the mistake of thinking we can have a new life in God on the level of self-directed thinking and planning. When we give God control of our lives we give Him the right to use us as He chooses. We become His power tools to be used for His purposes in the world. So long as we claim the right to self-determination we thwart God. When we die to self we literally cease to have any right to ourselves apart from God. Our new aim is to discover His purpose for us and with us. If He chooses to ask us to face a difficult situation of word with awkward people, or bear a heavy burden, we face these things as part of our service to Him. If we complain or feel sorry for ourselves, we proclaim that we have not completely lost ourselves. God asks His disciples to have unquestioning faith in His leading. Can we hold on to His declared Will even when material things suggest we are wrong? That was the triumph of the Cross. Humanly speaking, it seemed absurd that Christ should allow Himself to be crucified. Yet it was in line with the Will of God, and He never wavered. We can trust God utterly. He never fails. Out of seeming disasters God can bring His most wonderful victories. We just have to trust and obey. 


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