Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

The Best Hidden Church in Norwich

You’re not alone in your crisis

What happens when we run against life and are brought to a full stop? Most of us have at some time or another come to a situation where we could not see a single step ahead. Our scheme of things may have tumbled about our ears and we stand feeling helpless and bewildered among the ruins. On such occasions it is easy to become panic-stricken and lose control, or feel sorry for ourselves, and ask why we should have had to stand so much, or simply lose our temper with the first person we meet and “let off steam.” From my experience, none of these ways help, and most make life more difficult for others. Everything depends, as G.K. Chesterton said, on your “view of the universe.” If this is a God-less world, all you can do is to keep a stiff upper lip” and make the best of things. If on the other hand this is God’s world, He is present in every happening. He may not be responsible for the event, but He can use it to work out His divine purpose. When we realise that God has the situation in hand and is using it to make us and shape us to a finer character and a deeper faith we cease to be afraid and wait patiently for Him to reveal the next step. We do not need to see beyond the next step. Most of our worries arise from wanting to see the final issue. If we believe that God is with us, the issue is in His hands. The bible reminds us – “I fear no foe with You at hand to bless. Ills have not weight and tears no bitterness.”


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