Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

The Best Hidden Church in Norwich

What is the hardest thing God asks us to do?

Perhaps the easiest things are to speak for Him, or to do some work for Him. But most of us find that the most difficult task is to listen to Him. So often when we think we are listening to God we are hearing only the echoes of our own restless, disturbed and anxious thinking. We have to be very still before we can hear God and that is almost impossible in our increasing noisy world. All the noises around us, all the worry and fear of our hearts have to be left behind before we are even ready to hear the still small voice. We know that God listens to us. So much of our prayers tend to be spent in our talking to Him. We chatter out our needs and wishes and hopes so rapidly and breathlessly that it would be almost impossible for us to hear God if He did speak. Our prayers are a constant “Give me.” However, the prayers, which rally touch the deeps of our lives have as their refrain, “Make me.” To know what God wants to make our lives is of supreme importance. It comes not by might or knowledge or subtlety of self-analysis, but by listening to the divine voice. God can make of any life an epic so wonderful that no human mind could ever dream of it, much less attain it. We need to ask ourselves, “What is God’s plan for me?” Let’s remember that only God can tell you although lots of other people often try to help! We must learn to listen, and be prepared to pay any price that will help us develop listening hearts. The best of us only know part of His will, the rest of us must learn the difficult art of listening. The Scriptures remind us that except we become as little children we will not be able to learn, and we are also reminded that we must be still before we can hear God.



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