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Is God Too Small?

Do I limit God by thinking that He is too small? When I say I cannot do what others do because I am built differently, or don’t have the right temperament, or am just not cut out for that sort of work, I immediately restrict God’s power in my life along that line. God does not want servants who can work easily within their own powers. He demands that His followers shall always be beyond their own powers, so as to require extra power which He alone can supply. The Christian is called to live the supernatural life. If, on the contrary, I am constantly facing tasks that are making demands beyond my capacity to achieve, I am driven back on God for daily supplies, and am thereby compelled to live supernaturally. One of the troubles with most of us is that our lives are planned on such a small scale that we imagine we can manage without God. We have to learn from William Carey’s famous motto (the great Baptist missionary1761 – 1834): “Attempt great things for God, expect great things from God.” The Christian is always face to face with the impossible. When we dare the impossible, that is the mark of the follower of Christ. Faith in the eternal resources of God makes us more than conquerors.


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