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One of the most fruitful sources of ineffectiveness in Christian living is what I call the “time-lag factor” – this is the time between when we have an apprehension of a truth before we see its fulfilment in practical Christian living. Most of us either in church or in our devotion have seen a new truth which we recognise to be of great importance. We have accepted the truth in our minds and tried to incorporate it into our everyday thinking. After a few days we may not be excited about the truth as when we first understood it. It seems to vanish from our thinking. Why? The main reason is that it has not survived the “time-lag” between apprehension and expression. Have you, like me sometimes found a book that is so compelling that it is impossible to put it down. Whilst you are reading it you can’t imagine living in the future without incorporating its teaching into your life. Well, a book can be read by most of us in just a few days but it can take several years to apply its teachings into your life. How many of us do that? There is no point reading a book or listening to an inspiring sermon which might be entertaining and encouraging unless you actually apply the truth into your life you will never grow into maturity. No truth is ours until it has been actualised and expressed in life. I may resolve that love is the greatest thing in the world and that I shall make it a rule of my life. If, however, I fail to express love to the very first person I meet, I extend the “time-lag” and the chances are that when a real test comes I will have forgotten all about my fine resolve. Actualise your decisions as quickly as you can – that’s a golden key you should not be without. If you can’t express it at once in living action, let someone know, so that you feel bound – after all you don’t want to look foolish to others do you? The secret to spiritual effectiveness for many people lies in cutting down to a minimum the time between a decision and its expression. Instant obedience to revealed truth is the only way towards spiritual growth. “Not everyone that says Lord, Lord, but he that doeth.” And twice blessed is he who does it instantly!


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