Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

The Best Hidden Church in Norwich

finding the key

Who has not tried a certain key, to find it does not fit at all? Another one, then two, then three – they’re all too large or else too small. Either too thick or else too thin – in desperation you decide to smash the silly lock right in; then lo! At last it opens wide. You tried a lot, at least a score, each key upon a little ring; and when there was but one key more – it proved to be the very thing! It turned the lock , so smoothly too, without a creak, without a jerk, as if it wished to say to you, “Tis often thus in your life’s work.” You find a certain door locked fast, but through that door you have to go if you’re going to win the goal at last. Which key will fit? You do not know. Try this, try that, and don’t despair! You’ll find the very key to fit. Now look. There’s still one hanging there. What’s that you say? Hurrah! Tis It.


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