Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

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Alive or Dead?

How much of your Christianity is alive? Most of us have a vast amount of knowledge about Christianity, but it is dead. It has no more life in it than our knowledge of mathematical formulae, or outstanding dates in history. The part of our Christian experience which is alive is that part which can make alive to someone else. Some of us have never tested our Christianity out in this way. We know it is alive because we live by it, but we don’t know how much of it is alive. We can convey to another only that part of our faith which is alive in ourselves. Supposing we meet someone who has no knowledge of a vital faith, let us try to tell that person as simply and sincerely as we can just how our own faith works in our own lives. We shall have to be prepared for some surprises as many things we have thought vital won’t “come alive” when we talk. Other things which we may have considered unimportant will leap with fire into the soul of our friend. Most of us start with a small point of vital faith. It fills out with the years, but even at the end it can generally be crystallised in a phrase. Paul put his faith in these simple words: “For me to live is Christ.” How simply could you put your faith? The living core of Christianity is always a point of light, and it is alive. What is yours? 


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