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What's your nice-factor?

Over the years I have been collecting books. I don’t just look at them in the bookcase sometimes I actually read them! Yesterday, I found a little book by Wilhelmina Stitch which I had not looked at for over 20 years. I read the following with great interest. I guess we may all like to live with “nice” people BUT whilst it may make us happy we would probably not develop our character.  Very often God uses difficult people and circumstances to bless us and help us towards having a deeper relationship with Him.

Wilhelmina writes – “Blessed are they who are pleasant to live with.” Blessed are they who sing in the morning, whose faces have  smiles for their adorning, who come down to breakfast companioned by Cheer, who won’t dwell on trouble, nor entertain fear, whose eyes smile forth bravely, whose lips curve to say, “Life! I salute you. Good-morrow, New Day!” “Blessed are they who are pleasant to live with.” Blessed are they who treat one another well, though merely a sister, a father, a brother, with the very same courtesy they would extend to a casual acquaintance, or dearly-loved friend; who choose for the telling encouraging things, and choke back the bitter, the sharp word that stings. “Blessed are they who are pleasant to live with.” Blessed are they who give of their best, who bring to home bright laughter and fun, who make themselves charming for no other reason than charm is a blossom for homes, every season! Who bestow love on others throughout the long day – pleasant to live with and blessed are they!”

OK, when did you have a day like that? It might make us feel good but would it do us good? I guess we all may try to be pleasant to others but because we are not perfect we often fall short of the mark! So let’s try our best to be pleasant but not to be too upset if other people don’t treat us in the same way as God will use it to bless us.


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