Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

The Best Hidden Church in Norwich

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“I am young enough to have joys and sorrows, deep longings and high dreams, and many, many problems, and old enough to know there is a cause for every joy, a cure for every sorrow, a solution to every problem and a fulfilment for every aspiration.

“I am young enough to desire success, and old enough to know that true wealth consists not in abundance of things one possesses.

“I am young enough to desire fame, and old enough to know that better than fame is the joy of spending oneself in self-forgetful, loving service.

“I am young enough to enjoy a good time, and old enough to know that one cannot have a good time if pleasure-seeking is put first in life.

“I am young enough to be intensely enthusiastic about people and things and old enough not to let any enthusiasm run away from me.

“I am young enough to seek far and wide for truth, and old enough to know that I most often find it in being faithful to the task in hand.

“I am young enough to make many mistakes, and old enough to learn the lesson, forget the experience, and pass on to better things.

“I am young enough to dread sorrow, pain, and misfortune, and old enough to be grateful for their chastening, mellowing influence.

“I am young enough to long for happiness, and old enough to know that it tarries longest with us when we seek it least.

“I am young enough to crave true friends, and old enough to appreciate them when I find them.

“I am young enough to believe in goodness of the human heart, and old enough to keep that faith regardless of some disillusionments.

“I am young enough to know love, and old enough to realise that it is the most priceless possession of life.

“I am young enough to have simple faith in God, in His goodness, in His loving care over me, in His wise and beautiful plan for my life, and old enough to value this faith as the thing that gives life purpose and makes it well worth living.”


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