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Hidden Secrets

The factors which create the deepest unhappiness in life are the secrets we hide from the world and sometimes even from ourselves! Most people have secret memories of secret habits that they will not share with another human being. They imagine it does not matter but in most cases the secret thing creates a centre of disturbance within the self. Some people carry these secrets for years and cannot get a sense of forgiveness or deliverance from them. Trying to force them out of the mind does not eliminate them or destroy their power. The best way with all secrets that disturb is to give them away. Find some friend in whom you can trust, someone who knows the meaning of God’s forgiveness. Open your heart to that friend in the presence of God, and you will be surprised to discover how much easier it is than you thought. If both of you, on your knees, hand that secret over to Christ you will find an amazing sense of liberation. The happiest people are those who have shared their hidden secrets, and thus got deliverance from them. When we have shared them all we become transparent. If there is nothing there then we are not afraid that others might see it. To fill our lives with God-like thoughts is to be above the fear of unwitting disclosure. When Christ dwells within, our aim is to reveal to others our inner Guest.

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