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It has to be said - sin hides the face of God

When I was a life coach I had clients who came to me because they wanted more success in their lives. They sometimes might read the books and watch the videos I recommended them but for some reason they remained just the same. They had set their goals, dreamed their dreams but sadly in the end it was all just a dream as they never applied the things that they had been recommended to do. They used to come back each week full of excuses, I felt like getting out my handkerchief as I heard their tear-jerking stories. Now, as a Pastor I find the same thing with many people who are seeking to become better Christians yet never seem to move forward.  There is only one reason why God is unreal to anyone. In some way they are evading His challenge. If we tolerate any known evil being present in our lives, the mere fact of that evil being present blurs our vision of God. It may be easy to have evil thoughts and deceive our friends and relatives, but the moment we entertain evil we draw a veil over the face of God. The evil may be as great as murder or as small as pride, the result will be the same – we shall lose the vital sense of God’s presence. The penalty of sin is not in being found out by our friends, but in losing touch with God. It is seldom that argument will restore our vision of God. The most effective way is to face our sin and surrender it to God’s control. People who have read theology till they are tired in their quest for God should stop reading and ask themselves, “What am I still lacking?” The real barrier to the vision of God is nearly always within. We have no need to grope morbidly in the maze of the mind. If we sit quietly for five minutes we shall find the things that require immediate attention. During those 5 minutes turn off your mobile phone, get off Facebook and playing computer games. God’s voice is a still calm voice that has to be tuned into which is very challenging in a very nosy world! If we start with those in the forefront of our minds today we shall have enough to go on with. Tomorrow our vision will be greater, and as we advance, it will become clearer. “The pure in heart shall see God.”


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