Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

The Best Hidden Church in Norwich

How to become a millionaire!

I guess we all dream about this at times. Now here is a way to do it. Discover a way to eliminate tiredness! No matter your age you experience times a great tiredness. It is something that none of us like but so far no magic pill has been found to cure it! Tiredness is not always the result of physical weakness or overwork. Sometimes it is due to a wrong adjustment to life. We get a false sense of values, pursue inadequate ends, spend our energies in futile activities, and become tired with the strain of the struggle. Far too many of us these days get caught in the increasing mechanisation of life and find ourselves having to move according to the pace of the machine. We are on constant call at the end of our mobiles! The result is a sense of tension and tiredness. We have to learn how to recapture inner peace and poise. This is something that God can do for us when we give Him a chance. Many of us may say our prayers on our knees, but sometimes it would be good for us to try another way. If we sit down in a comfortable chair in relaxed condition and allow our minds to go over some of the great healing and peace-giving words of the Bible, we shall find the tension going and a new sense of peace stealing over our hearts. When we are quiet let us then begin to rethink our lives and the things which occupy so much of our time and energy. We shall probably discover that we are following ways which are in conflict with our highest values. This results in needless conflict and loss of energy. When our lives are properly adjusted to God we avoid needless loss of vitality and learn how to draw on inexhaustible resources. The Bible rightly reminds us of this – “as your days so shall your strength be."


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