Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

The Best Hidden Church in Norwich

Our Experience at God’s Disposal

“I would do anything to become vital enough to be used to win others to Christ.” The young man who said those words to me was obviously convinced of his sincerity in making that statement. He knew his spiritual life was not of contagious quality, and he did not try to excuse himself by saying that his temperament did not suit him for that kind of work. He wanted to become a fisher of men. We talked of many of the obstacles that keep men and women form maximum spiritual vitality. Finally I asked him if he had ever been dead honest about himself to another man whom he trusted utterly. He replied that he had not, and moreover didn’t hold with that sort of thing. When I told him that he might find it a very liberating experience, he replied that nothing would induce him to do it. And he went away still wondering why he was not being used to win others. I have been very fortunate to have some Godly men mentor me. At times I find the experience quite challenging but I have learnt that I am only able to help others to the level of spiritual insight and openness that I have gained myself. I am still on the journey but have experienced God’s blessing as I have past several painful milestones! Anyone who wants to be used to win others for Christ has first of put himself and everything he has at the disposal of Christ. If anything in my experience can help another find Christ, it is at the Master’s use whenever He wants it. If I refuse to allow Christ that privilege He may find He cannot use me. The fisher of men will often be called to dig deeply into another’s difficulties. He must not be afraid to undergo the same experience himself. Christ may command anything we are or have.


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