Old Meeting House Congregational Church (1643)

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A Master Design

A Master DesignAll my beliefs would be a little comfort to me were it not for my first and last belief that there is a Master Design behind the dark curtain of the world, and I believe that His designs are beautiful.

Even when the only part of the pattern we can see is disaster, I believe in that beauty. When Christ told us that no Sparrow fell unheeded to the ground, I believe that. He was not speaking “figuratively “. He was telling us plain facts.

The implications of this belief are so tremendous that no mind can grasp them. It means that no ship drifts uncharted, that no storm blows unwittingly, that no pain no pleasure are without their purpose.

Because we cannot see that purpose it does not mean that it is not there. A fly crawling over the face of the Mona Lisa would never know that she was smiling. It would only see the cracks in the paint. But we can see that immortal smile. And though the other smile we cannot see, though it’s enigma is hidden in the stars, I believe the darkness is a smiling darkness, and that the silence is filled with music.

Even in the Ukraine disaster God is working out His divine plan and the days are surely coming when we shall see His glorious return

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